As excited as I can be about getting in the sun, I also really love rainy days. I love the softer pink mauve hues for cloudy and cozy days.I love to pick out lipsticks that you can throw on for lunch date or when you are just chilling at a friends place or when you want to catch a movie. With a pair of jeans and tee or even the night out party dress. The kickass but casual lip !

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A few years back, if you’d told me I’d be obsessed with a dewy glowy look and have a gazillion products for the same, I’d have laughed. I was all about a matte look, and never really wanted anything shimmery on my face. Fast forward today, and here we are. I cannot get enough of the glow ! So today, I’m sharing my top glowy products – primers, blushes, highlighters. The whole shebang !

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If there’s one genre of books or TV shows that can reel in me real quick, it’s the fantasy one. I’ve heard about Vampire Diaries a lot, but I was like, “how different can it be from Twilight or True Blood”. Turns out, it seems to be a mix of both and I’m hooked. I am up till 3 A.M, chanting,”just one more episode”. I’m sure you’ve all been there !

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