There’s something about seeing cream eyeshadows, I get tempted like a moth to a flame. Seeing these little pots of creamy goodness, always makes me want to smear these all over my face and basically be a 5 year old. Summer is when I whip them out most, and these have been my go to !

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerize: Who even comes up with these names ? As if I wasn’t giddy with pleasure looking at the shades, that name itself makes me more crazy ! I have these in the shades Bette (a gorgeous antique gold) and Marie Antoinette ( a warm bronze). These make my lids look wet, very catwalk/editorial look and that’s why they also seem to crease within 6-7 hours on me. They’re gorgeous, just make sure to carry these along for touch ups if you’re wearing these as one and done shadows !

Armani Eyes to Kill Silk eyeshadows: I have this in 15 Copper Black, and this is BOOM ! Gold eyelids which look AMAZING ! Super pigmented and super long wearing as well. I have not one single bad thing to say about these except that price !

L’oreal Infallible eyeshadow: These are very similar in concept to the afore mentioned Armani ETK shadows. But, these don’t have the kind of complex shades as the Armani ones. They also crease on me, after the 4-5 hour mark. I have the shades Amber Rush (shown here, perfect for spring/summer) and Bronzed Taupe. Gorgeous finish, lacks staying power.

Tom Ford Creams and Glitter: I am separating these, as I love both these formulas and think these are the best of the best today. I love Tom Ford cream eyeshadows, only cream eyeshadow that does not budge, all day. And I do mean however long I wear it. And the glittah – errmahgerd ! They’re angel and unicorn tears combined ! Just stunning ! Shown here is Golden Peach, just perfect for the spring/summer peachy gold goodness!

What are your summer eyeshadow favorites ? XO


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